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Hot Sales Grow Tent Kits Hot Sales Grow Tent Kits Hot Sales Grow Tent Kits Hot Sales Grow Tent Kits Hot Sales Grow Tent Kits

Hot Sales Grow Tent Kits

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Multi-span Greenhouse has a high utilization of land, for indoor high degree of mechanization, consume less energy per unit area and uniform indoor temperature and light so on. This is more suited to the requirements of the standard development of modern agricultural facilities.

The Modern Multi-span commercial greenhouse main structure is steel and aluminum, the covering material can be single or double inflatable, plastic film soft materials, or PC board, wave board, glass and other hard materials.


Simple and effective solution for varied and complex topographic conditions:

The structure we use hot dip galvanized pipe to avoid rust.
· Frame of hot dip galvanized steel pipe.
· Span of 6.4/8/9.6/10 meters is available.
· Total structure height - 4.3 meters to 6.5 meters.
· Covering material thickness - 0.15mm or 0.12mm.
· Good at keeping warm.
· Arch roof.
· May only be covered by polyethylene held with aluminum clips.
· Suitable for all climate conditions and adaptable to any type of landscape.

Can add below systems:(Depend on customers' request)

● Cooling and heating system

● Irrigation system

● Ventilation system

● Fertilization system

● Shading system

● Benches


1. The use of space :
Compared with conventional greenhouse, use area in the for multi-span greenhouse is much larger than the traditional greenhouse .

2.  Management :
More unified than the traditional greenhouse, the operation is more scientific, save time and improve efficiency .
3.  Ventilation:
During the day when the indoor temperature is high greenhouses, roof window open with shade in the greenhouse effect and the side window shade ventilation greenhouse transition temperature is high when shade shelters, to achieve effective cooling purposes when the night temperature bias low, close to the top of the greenhouse, together with interior insulation system, while maintaining the high-grade insulation effect greenhouse .
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