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PC Sheet / Polycarbonate Greenhouse for Flower Growing
PC Sheet / Polycarbonate Greenhouse for Flower Growing PC Sheet / Polycarbonate Greenhouse for Flower Growing PC Sheet / Polycarbonate Greenhouse for Flower Growing PC Sheet / Polycarbonate Greenhouse for Flower Growing PC Sheet / Polycarbonate Greenhouse for Flower Growing

PC Sheet / Polycarbonate Greenhouse for Flower Growing

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Comparative PC & Film greenhouse:


First let us look at PC sun board greenhouses, this greenhouse is an advanced commercial greenhouses, compared with film for greenhouses has many advantages, both from the fire or on the upper material or appearance, superior PC sun board greenhouses . Here at first to analyze trends in greenhouse sun on cost.
PC board in the 1970s exist in Europe, namely widely used in greenhouse construction, the gass is the second film after the fourth generation of greenhouse covering materials. PC board is usually double or triple hollow transparent plate or a single wave plate. PC board high light transmittance, good sealing, good impact strength, good insulation, is the best kind of all covering materials overall performance. Greenhouse class can widely use, not regional restrictions, the only downside is the price is more expensive.
We can compare the two materials, PC board greenhouse using a PC board, not only the appearance of relatively more beautiful and life more later, but the plastic film it takes about two years to replace a user, you can see PC board more time and effort.
Secondly, the conservation of resources is what we are advocating, can be compared from energy efficiency will be both the thermal conductivity of the plastic film (K value) to exceed a lot of PC board, so more easy to lose heat. Then contrast between impact resistance, impact resistance, who is better between the two is obvious, PC board one - solar panels, has a "no broken glass" and "ring of steel" reputation. And PC sunshine plate board at -100 degrees Celsius when the cold crisp does not occur, it will not soften at 135 degrees Celsius.
Thirdly,Fire was in any environment should pay attention to avoid accidents, so in the end we can compare the flame resistance and fire resistance, tested, PC sun board flame belongs to Class B from the fire self-extinguishing, and does not produce toxic gases nor expand the fire from spreading, PC board greenhouse has a relatively good fire resistance. But the fire that is burning plastic film, we often can see the film greenhouses because farmers cause significant loss of the amount of things happen.
Through the above comparison, we can see, pc board greenhouse is really more suitable for use as a vegetable greenhouses than traditional plastic film greenhouses, believe in the future it will gradually replacethe plastic film greenhouses.

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greenhouse has 35 years of professional production of greenhouse history, in recent years, the company all staff's unremitting efforts, now developed into a professional conservatory company has some influence.
The company's main products for all types of greenhouses and supporting facilities design and construction, machine research greenhouse, multi-span film greenhouse, glass greenhouse, greenhouse monomer film, PC board Greenhouse, greenhouse gardening flowers, lighting board greenhouse, greenhouse vegetables hot galvanized pipe greenhouse, and a variety of hydroponic greenhouses, etc. Also the production of various kinds of high roof, eco-restaurant large span, large bays dedicated type, beautiful appearance, internal vision, bright and spacious. A variety of products designed to give users wide acclaim greenhouse.

Every year we ship above USD 8million to all over the world. We have professional engineer department, if customer request, we can send our engineers to foreign countries to guide the installation. Every year there are many customers visiting our factory for business cooperation. If you want to know more, please send E-mail to sales@cngreenhouses.com. 

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