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What kind of greenhouse structure is best?

What kind of greenhouse structure is best?

Construction of commercial greenhouse-Notes

Commercial greenhouse lighting buildings and construction of commercial greenhouse good transmittance transmittance evaluation greenhouse light transmission properties of one of the most fundamental indicators. Transmittance in through a percentage of the amount of the amount of light and outdoor lighting in commercial greenhouse. The Commercial Greenhouse transmittance subject to the commercial greenhouse translucent covering material light transmission properties and greenhouse skeleton shadow rate, but with the different seasons, solar radiation different angle, the transmittance of the commercial greenhouse is also subject to change at any time. The level of greenhouse transmittance direct impact on crop growth and selection of planting crop varieties.
Commercial greenhouse should pay attention to the insulation properties, improve the insulation performance of the commercial greenhouse, reduce energy consumption, is the most direct means to improve the efficiency of the commercial greenhouse production. The commercial greenhouse insulation than a basic measure of greenhouse insulation performance indicators. Greenhouse insulation ratio and the ratio of the same land area covers an area of greenhouse building envelope thermal resistance less greenhouse translucent material covering the area with thermal resistance. Insulation than the larger, the better the insulation performance of the commercial greenhouse.
The greenhouse construction must consider its durability. Greenhouse durability by the greenhouse material aging resistance, the impact of the greenhouse the carrying capacity of the main structure, and other factors. The translucent material durability in addition to its own strength, but also in material transmittance attenuation with time, the degree of attenuation of the light transmittance of translucent material life of the decisive factors. Commercial the greenhouse run long-term in a high temperature, high humidity environment, the component surface corrosion on to become one of the important factors affect greenhouse life of.

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